The best erotic massage salon in Budapest

A common question for tourists visiting Budapest is where to go for a massage. The question is understandable, as the Hungarian capital offers numerous massage services.

There are a lot of erotic massage place, and even more of the self-masseuse, masseur. If you look for the best erotic massage salon in Budapest, you are at the right spot.

They try to attract those interested with different types of massages. From the most basic

Swedish massage, through exotic and more unusual types of massage, such as lomi – lomi massage, to everything from erotic massage.

There is also a very high-quality layer between the Hungarian massage salons, the price is of higher.

In both erotic and non-erotic categories, you can find exclusively high standard, authentic, demanding places with professional professionals and kind service.

Previous booking is almost essential for this type of locations. It is advisable to arrive a little earlier than the scheduled time, as masseuses are usually scheduled for the whole day. So it is also in our own interest to be able to start the program on time.

The Massage House team also offers a selection of qualified masseuses. The salon is open every day of the week, and although you can even choose a massage on site, an appointment is required here as well, for sure.

Guests are greeted at a nicely designed reception. The reception ladies will provide information on the program of their choice and will escort them to an oriental-style waiting room and offer them refreshing drinks.

You only have to wait a few minutes for the chosen masseuse. The masseuse goes to the waiting room for his guest and then they go to the massage room together.

The Massage House does not have cabins or rooms separated by curtains for massages.The design is much more demanding:

Each room is separate, providing an intimate, discreet environment for the guests. During an erotic massage, this is a particularly important factor in general.

The 45 or 90 minute program consists of the following parts:

  • Showering.
  • Full body or back massage
  • At the request of the guest, a slippery massage, which can be done with oil or the extremely slippery nuru gel.
  • Intimate massage.
  • Shower again.

Based on the feedback received over the years, it can be said that the guests are satisfied, many of the tourists also visit their favorite place every year. The design of the programs is pleasant and practical, the environment is friendly and authentic, the hygiene is flawless.

The best erotic massage salon in Budapest, Massage House, welcomes the guests in a comfortable and beautiful salon, located just 5 minutes from the Western Railway Station.